This is the place where wYou Are Heree present tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to make beats that get people twerking in their seat so hard the whole house starts to shake into the street. Since no one ever grooves to what they cannot hear I’ll also be offering suggestions on how to get your beats, songs, and other commercially viable music into the hands of those who are willing to pay you for the privilege of using your musical talent.


These days it’s easy to make beats and electronic dance music to become a local music production hero. But what good are your killer beats and crowd pumping tunes if you keep them on your hard drive or – worst idea ever – give them out free to anyone and everyone?

Some of you might be fine with giving music away for free, but some of us think we can and should be compensated for our time, talent, and technological skill. That’s why you will find articles and tutorials about profiting from you beats and club mixes right here on this website.

StudioRectrix.com believes that music can be used to raise the collective consciousness and advancement of civilized society. We want to raise the consciousness of the segment of the population that complains too often and too loudly that there is no value in modern music and that the current genre is merely an ugly passing phase. We hope to show that in our product endorsements, tutorials, and guest articles.

Speaking of products, we will offer ebooks, software, and courses from time to time that we believe may help you, especially if you are an aspiring music producer. It’s up to you to decide whether or not any item presented will help you get better at – and richer from – your craft. If you decide that any of these items might help you, please order that item through the links on our website. The details about our compensation for the sale of these things can be found on our Disclaimer page.

If you feel the need to make a comment on any of our articles, please do so. If you have a question about any of the content on this site, use our Contact page to ask. All comments are monitored so you won’t be insulted with ads and messages from blog spammers who leave “questionable” or otherwise inappropriate posts.


Old Folks RuleFor better or worse, the music industry has slipped into corporate-like biases of ageism. StudioRectrix.com will have none of that! I want to make this a welcoming place for older musicians as well as parents of young musicians who want to bring their children up in a world where music is not a luxury found only on the budget of elitist private schools.

It is for that reason we open this site to those of you who might not exactly fit the music industry standard profile of Tiesto, David Guetta, or any of the other folks in the “sexy young adult” demographic.

In short, Old Folks Rule! Enjoy!Mature Female Musician

(a/k/a Rawslyn Ruffin)
Music Producer/Recording Artist

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